Client Stories - Generating leads through social media

Our client tasked us to generate customer awareness by positioning themselves as thought leaders in specific industries that they are trying to penetrate into, and in the process, generate sales leads.

Client Situation

Our client is relatively new in the Asia Pacific markets. They were exploring cost-effective ways to quickly reach out to targeted audiences in selected industries which they have solutions for. With a limited budget and partner-only presence in most countries, they were seeking to make inroads through early solution wins. The plan was to uncover and nurture the leads remotely, before passing the actual opportunities to their local partners to take over.


- As the focus audience were professionals, we recommended the LinkedIn business network platform for the client to tap on. LinkedIn advertising allows for precision targeting of countries, industries and job roles.
- Reviewed our client's solution knowledgebase and picked a whitepaper that would position our client as a market leader, and drive immediate interest for a dialogue.
- Created permutations of targeted text-based propositions by role, industry and country - to be used as LinkedIn ads. These are displayed to professionals who log in, match the selected criteria and drive them to download the whitepaper.
- Complemented the campaign by procuring targeted role-based databases in specific industries in major markets. Conceptualised eDM messages to drive and track such professionals to a related online webinar, as well as to download the whitepaper.
- Monitored the progress of both LinkedIn and eDMs tactics, and created reports to help the client understand and act on the results from both media.

Marketing Results

- The LinkedIn campaign raised our client's visibility by making over 100,000 impressions, as professionals in Finance and Government sectors in selected countries clicked on the role-based ads to understand more about our client's propositions. Leads generated were passed onto our client for follow-up.
- The parallel eDM approach touched the mailboxes of over 4,000 professionals. Our client passed the sales leads garnered to their local partners.