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  • Training on Technology
    Training on technology products has remained a cornerstone of giving partners more confidence in selling the complex solutions, and for their customers, greater familiarity in using such full-featured offerings. Based on our past training projects, we make the case for the effectiveness of instructor-led training (ILT), and if resources permit, to be supported with online training.
  • Book Review: Crossing the Chasm
    This book is the bestselling guide on technology marketing and the chasm theory provides insights into the realities of high tech marketing chain. Author Geoffrey Moore also offers explanation of why high tech products require unique marketing strategies that differ from those in other industries.
  • Getting Results From Digital Advertising
    Businesses are overwhelmed with a plethora of digital advertising options. There are opposing claims and anecdotes about its effectiveness. Is online advertising losing its charm? Will investing your money in online advertising get you results? In this article, we explore the current state of online advertising, and make a case for a more targeted approach through advertising in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Top 5 messages when marketing to SMEs
    SME's adoption of business technology are varied. Given their unique profile of not having a team of specialised IT professionals, they buy IT solutions when triggered by business necessity. And even then, they will explore various cost-effective offerings before making a purchase decision. This article discusses 5 common buying criteria in an SME's shopping list, and why marketers need to address them

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