About Us

Our reason for being

Genii Group was set up in response to an increasing need from technology companies to improve accountability of marketing execution, and to fill urgent competency gaps. Think of us as your marketing SWAT team. We act as a specialised unit, ready to respond to and manage critical marketing situations, while minimising disruption to your business.

Our result-oriented approach

We start each project with aligned success criteria. We measure and are held accountable. We spend a lot of time studying your business, your customers and your solutions. By understanding your requirements, we then tailor the right mix of marketing tactics to meet your goals.

We also maintain an ongoing knowledgebase of past marketing projects, to capture the essence of best practices, to be referenced for future projects.

Our consultants

Specialists at the Genii Group have proven experiences with admired technology brands – Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, WordPerfect, Novell, Peoplesoft, SingTel, Philips, Starhub Cable Vision, Xbox. We have collectively created over 150 business strategies, executed over 500 campaigns, presented in over 1,000 technology-related events, and generated over US$200M of related sales.

While our clients only deal with one project manager, each team is assembled based on the expertise required. Marketing services Genii Group provides include:

  • Strategy
  • Image and Research
  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Telemarketing and Customer Care
  • Events and Activation
  • Corporate Communications
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