Client Stories - Creating Contact Strategy

By understanding the end customers' priorities, we put together a contact strategy, so that our client knows who to touch, when to contact them, and with relevant messages.

Client Situation

Client sells into the public sector. In the past, communications and solution messaging to their customer contacts have been sporadic and disconnected. Key IT decision-makers were unable to link their government initiatives to the many offerings our client was promoting.


With a list of government elites in hand, our client wanted to plan when and what messages their customers are receiving. Through interviews with internal stakeholders and government influencers, we recommended alignment of marketing messages to the government's short and long term priorities.

Marketing Results

- Our client gets a full-year calendar of activities and platforms that their customer will be involved in. The calendar is used to collaborate with Marketing to pro-actively plan tailored messages to targeted groups throughout the year
- Our client has a ready set of key messages and value proposition, so that when they meet with government elites, our client can demonstrate alignment to government initiatives.