Client Stories - Generating industry leads for Cloud offering

We assisted and led in the client's effort to target a specific SME industry to test out their initial Cloud offering. Through the industry campaign, our client a few valuable & actionable insights.

Client Situation

Our client was new to offering Cloud solutions. And they have big plans to provide the next-generation SME solution. Instead of coming up with a big bang announcement, they wanted to test messaging and offers, and then learn from the process. They shortlisted several industries to focus their limited resources on.

They sought our assistance to help in several areas:
- Validate the customer database for the industries to proceed with
- Develop a wrapper message for the various digital offerings
- Adapt the proposition to fit the targeted industries
- Refine the offer value & message with the marketing manager


- Based on the customer database from the client, we cleaned up the industry and sub-industry tags, in order to analyse and recommend segments more likely to take up our client's Cloud offering
- Reviewed the client's key Cloud solution portfolio to help create an integrated message to the marketplace
- Brainstormed with the client's team to shortlist 2 immediate campaigns, and develop propositions around that. We also developed the execution timeline.
- Created a call-script the sales team to reference, and briefed them on their first-time effort to pitch the new Cloud products. On actual telesales blitz day, supervised and guided sales team in their call efforts.

Marketing Results

While the 1-day telesales effort yielded no immediate orders, the client gained several insights from the field engagement, namely:
- Some SMEs are hesitant about adopting Cloud-based offerings. They are concerned about security and availability on the Internet.
- Other SMEs have existing contracts on similar Cloud-related products that they cannot break out of.
- Many more companies are happy with their current business processes and operations of finding, managing and engaging with customers.

Through the lessons taught, the client is in the midst of rebuilding their online Cloud offerings to address some of the concerns raised by the initial round of prospects.